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These days, he says his 1938 Chevrolet BURBANK, Calif.

-- Back in the 1960s, Gene Winings says hot rodding was more about looks and big engines, not about safety.

Whether it was in the garage sanding, having an affinity for her 1967 Chevelle Malibu, or just lending a supportive ear, they helped inspire her passion for cars.

Charity and her husband Dave followed their dream, which began as Kindig-it Design over 18 years ago and grew it into one of the country’s premier hot rod restoration shops.

As if owning the shop wasn’t enough, Charity turned her love of car show style into another venture, Kindig-it Apparel, offering a broad range of cutting-edge, culturally suitable clothing and accessories.

Baylee Kindig grew up with and around the shop so it was a natural progression that at 16 she began working in the shop as a runner, then office assistant and she is now working as one of the heads in Apparel, Managing our Websites’ and Shipping department.

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Since 1999 Dave and his wife Charity have built Kindig-It Design together.It's a narrow-panel, top-loading fifties-style cab, with mid-sixties livery, basically.The bigger change here is the control panel, which to date has been silver, with the decals facing backwards.These days, the hot rod enthusiast from San Clemente, Calif., says his 1938 Chevrolet businessman's coupe has modern components under the hood that help protect him.That extra safety margin comes in handy because Winings says the car attracts lots of gawkers -- and they aren't always watching where they are driving.As an adult, Coddington continued on with her automotive passion, spending much of her free time racing off-road.


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