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As the only part of the UK to share a land border with another EU country, in the form of the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland should have been front and centre in Brexit discussions – yet hardly merited so much as a mention as various English men slugged it out between each other for both sides in the pre-referendum debates.

Question marks loom large over the future of the 310-mile-long frontier between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

However, in the case of Brexit, the arrogant recklessness with which Northern Ireland has been, and continues to be, treated is nothing short of terrifying.

Since 23 June, Brexiteers’ ignorance of Northern Irish politics has spiralled from being merely insulting to actively dangerous.

Many of us today think of the Overseas Highway as a direct result of the 1935 hurricane that destroyed Flagler's Florida East Coast Railway.

In many ways this is true; however, the highway actually started evolving earlier.

The meager beginning takes us back to 1917, when Monroe County floated a 0,000 bond issue to build roads, or trails, on Key Largo, Big Pine Key and a bridge from Key West to Stock Island.

Dating back even earlier was the symbolic "Tallahassee Road" in Planter.

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For the most part, this is something we begrudgingly accept.

If you watched the movie , at some point you probably moaned, “Oh, I want to be there! This trip is packed with everything Greek: sunshine and olive trees, Delphi and the Acropolis, soft-sand beaches, lavender-turquoise water, and villages drenched in mythology, history, and charm.

Greece is to traveling as the great Dusenbergs were to car touring: classic, unforgettable, fundamental, and exotic!

Explore the church Panagia (Virgin) Drosiani, a monastery dedicated to the Virgin of rain.

The cluster of temples was built in the 6th century and features some of the best preserved murals dating back to the 7th century.


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