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) season of Degrassi, which will premiere this summer and contian the show’s 300th episode.The secret to the Canadian drama’s success: allowing its high school seniors to graduate and disappear instead of following them into the AARP.(1.) bickering love (2.) lidelkewte (3.) bailamicorazon (3.) Just Me2000 (4.) rockstarsugar (5.) gizze_fan (6.) Cody's Babe (7.) Ex Oh Erin (8.) vivalalove (9.) Ms Delusional (10.) simplyxjiberty (11.) ish78 (12.) Nekoshoujo (13.) lovejonathanjackson (14.) aggieduchess10 (15.) hot_vanilla (16.) loganandroryforever (17.) murphyboy11 (18.) Dralli Foreverrrrr(: (18.) China Tequilia (19.) kaleidocat (20.) Always Choose You (21.) Ls K101 (22.) Shiny Shinx (23.) Nocturnal Couch Potato (24.) Se Iena (1.) Because Alli always manages to give a spark to the show.

Could there be an off screen romance brewing or will fears & pragmatics get in the way?Despite changes in culture and technology over the past 35 years, this little Canadian teen drama has continued to touch the hearts of thousands of kids (and adults! In the words of Executive Producer Linda Schuyler: Tweet This week’s Entertainment Weekly includes a small blurb on Degrassi with some interesting information! The short article draws attention to Degrassi’s 12th season, which will also include its 300th episode.“Most teen series struggle as their lead actors age, but EW has learned that Teen Nick has just begun production on the 12th(!Coping with a daunting array of stressful pressures and betrayals, Reshma grapples with her ruptured relationship with her mother while continuing her difficult efforts to reunite with her father. We talked about using "She HAS changed, but all this bad stuff keeps happening to her." as the thread title. Documentary filmmaker Prasad’s ambitious feature debut, which spans two continents and three decades, offers a complicated look at the plight of immigrant families and captures the essence of how it feels to be displaced in new surroundings. But it is hard to know when an actor is "on" and when it's just them.


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